Golf training system using sonification and virtual shadow

Published in ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 (Emerging Technologies), 2019

Recommended citation: Ikeda et al. "Golf training system using sonification and virtual shadow." ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Emerging Technologies. 2019.


Atsuki Ikeda, Yuka Tanaka, Dong-Hyun Hwang, Homare Kon, and Hideki Koike

Tokyo Institute of Technology


This paper proposed a golf training system using real-time audio-visual feedback. The system captures user’s motion with an optical motion tracking system and projects his/her posture as a virtual shadow on the ground. Unlike other golf training systems, our system enables the user to keep his/her gaze on the ball. The model swing motion of the expert golfer is also overlaid so that the user can understand the difference between his/her motion and expert’s. Moreover, the system provides audio feedback using sound image localization. It enables the user to understand the position and orientation of the club face, which is often out of sight of the user during his/her swing motion.